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A Path to Music Education

After 5 years of the Music training at The University of Maryland, YoungHoon currently teaches children in the Prince George's Public School.  Her painful experience of quitting music helps YoungHoon give many young musicians a series of encouragements and motivations for their successful accomplishment in Music education.

YoungHoon has her own philosophy of music education - "music as the integral part of human life," that seems profound and appealing to many young children for excellence in music teaching.

YoungHoon L. Park

YoungHoon Lee Park was inspired to play the piano when she was just 5 years old.  Thanks to parental guidance and support, by the age of 11, she has received private lesson from several professional instructors, including a college professor.  She played piano more than 5 hours a day while her still in the 5th grader and enjoyed playing Mozart and Beethoven. 


YoungHoon's music training was held up for more than a couple of decades by an accidental discouragement of a piano teacher that her hands were too small to play piano pieces in an advanced level.  For these years, YoungHoon shared her musical talents in the lives of several churches both in South Korea and in the greater Washington area of the United States of America.